At Western Christian, we care about developing the whole child, and we seek
to bridge the gap between Preschool to elementary, Elementary to Middle
School, and Middle School to high school.

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Dear Future Western Christian Family,

Thank you for your interest in the preschool program at Western Christian Schools. We are proud to offer our students a quality Christian education while injecting fun and joy in the learning experience on our beautiful and safe campuses in Claremont and Upland.
Children learn best in an environment intentionally designed to further student exploration, observation, and discovery. WCS Preschool strives to offer a schedule that balances periods of directed learning, focused cooperative learning, and problem-solving. We know it is essential for children to have ample time for individual choices to assist in exploration, experimentation, and decision-making. Our goal is to prepare students with knowledge of the Bible, God's perfect truth, while laying a foundation for the love of learning. At Western Christian, we believe every child was made on purpose, for a purpose, and God's plan for their life is good!
Here at Western Christian Preschool, you can rest assured your little one is safe, loved, and cared for while you are away. Our program enhances each child's skills while celebrating their uniqueness. This is accomplished by recognizing the interrelatedness of their spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Throughout this journey through Western Christian Schools, we encourage all our students to reach their full potential and to believe the truth about who God says they are! We believe everyone is made in the image of God and created to reflect His love to a world that needs Him.
We would be honored to accompany you and your little one as you embark on the preschool journey. We are here to fulfill our God-given mission, to love the Lord Jesus Christ, teach the truth, and serve others.
May the Lord bless you as you trust Him to lead your family every step of the way!

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Mary Pearl

Admissions Coordinator
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Our Whole Child Approach

At Western Christian Preschools, we seek to develop the whole
child, and we believe that includes key areas that we strive to focus
on and invest in. These areas include:


Children need to know that God is our creator and that He loves each one of us unconditionally. They also need to understand that the Bible is His word, and it is true. Biblical truths and practices are interwoven into our daily curriculum using various methods and highlighted weekly during chapel time.

Social & Emotional

God has created us in His image, and He desires to have a relationship with us! When God created Adam and Eve, He did so with that in mind. So, it isn’t surprising that we need and desire companionship. Western Christian Preschool understands social skills are vital for academic success and life success.


Language & Literacy, Mathematics, Music & Movement, Creative Expression, and Science are all pieces that we introduce to our students early on, and we maintain a Biblical perspective all along the way with Christ-centered, Biblically-based curriculum.

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To schedule a Preschool tour at our Upland
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Portrait of a Graduate

At Western Christian, our goal is to see students pass from preschool through to graduation, and to see them enter the world:

  • Spiritually Mature
  • Academically Equipped
  • Vocationally Prepared
  • Socially Engaged
  • Ready to Lead

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