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At Western Christian, we care about developing the whole child, and we seek
to bridge the gap between Preschool to Elementary, Elementary to Middle
School, and Middle School to High School.


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Brandon Doolittle

High School Principal

I know that your family is visiting our site because you want something better for your children. Let me affirm you that you have discovered the best high school on the planet. As you compare WCHS to other high schools, you'll certainly find distinction in our diverse and rigorous college prep academics, award-winning performing arts, wide variety of elective and career centric course offerings, and CIF Champion athletic programs. We are fortunate to boast the opportunities of a large high school program, while offering the intimacy, relationship, and safety found in a smaller Christian school environment. The thing that really makes western stand out is that every teacher here believes that your student is destined for greatness. In today's culture, young people can be overcome by the pressures of high school, turning to harmful vices as they struggle to find their identity. Here at Western, we teach the truth about identity. Your child was purposefully designed by the creator of the universe, and it is therefore our school's personal mission to lead every student to discover and invest in their unique giftedness, equipping them to be confident in their faith and pursue God's joy-filled calling for their life. The book of Proverbs instructs parents to "train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it". Western Christian High School was established in 1920 to partner with families to complete this very mission. I pray that we'll have the opportunity to complete this mission with your family.

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Ethan Chin

Admissions Coordinator

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Our team is ready to walk with you as you invest in your student’s education, spiritual well-being, and future.


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From learning ABC's
to passing their AP's

At Western Christian, we care about developing the whole child, and we seek to bridge the gap between Preschool to Elementary, Elementary to Middle School, and Middle School to High School.
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AP Courses

Our High School offers 28 AP Honors Courses, but the work doesn’t begin there. As each level informs the next, preparation for success in your student begins at the earliest part of their education. With proven success across the board, you can rest assured knowing that your student will be set up for future success!

AP Success

At Western Christian we have seen so much success in our AP course offerings when it comes to the final AP exams. As one example, in 2021 we were proud to see our students have a 100% pass rating of a 5 on the AP Calculus exam!


We know that while core classes set students up for success in their college and career pursuits, electives can inspire passions that last a lifetime. With 6 elective options at our Middle School and 56 at our High School, your student has every opportunity to invest in their passions, and even discover new ones!

Portrait of a Graduate

At Western Christian, our goal is to see students pass from preschool through to graduation, and to see them enter the world:

  • Spiritually Mature
  • Academically Equipped
  • Vocationally Prepared
  • Socially Engaged
  • Ready to Lead

Diploma Distinction Programs


  • 3.5 cumulative weighted GPA
  • Algebra I, Geometry, Alegebra II, and either Pre-Calculus or Statistics
  • Three years of the same language other than English
  • Three years of laboratory science including Biology and Chemistry
  • Three years of AP courses in two of the following subject areas: English, Math, Science or Social Science

Honors & Advanced Placement

Western offers a variety of Honors and Advanced Placement courses. These classes prepare students for AP® exams and introduce students to college level rigor in high school. Students have the opportunity to complete progressively advanced programs to exceed graduation requirements: College Preparatory Program or Alpha Honors Program. The diplomas, which are granted by Western Christian High School, will indicate the particular program, which the students have completed.

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