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Western Christian helps families ensure that the gospel remains in the classroom so that the nations have an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus for generations to come.
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Private Christian Schools continue to face mounting obstacles every year.

The Real Cost of Private Education:




  • Across California, enrollment in private schools has steadily decreased by nearly 4% annually for the past 5 years.

  • According to a recent study, Private School tuition has steadily increased by about 27% in California since 2014 due to the continuous rise in costs for basic goods, services, energy costs, and maintaining qualified and skilled faculty and staff through competitive salaries, benefits, and training.

  • Students continue to need tuition assistance as the U.S. Constitution prohibits California from providing funding to religiously affiliated schools.

You Can Help Reverse That

When you give to Western Christian, you ensure the longevity of Private Christian Education, and help ensure that the gospel will be proclaimed in the classroom for generations to come.

Sean Chin

Director of Development

How Can You Help Western Christian

As Luke 10:2 says, "the harvest is plentiful." With that truth in mind, there are so many ways that you can make an impact in this school and in the lives of our students and faculty. There are 3 ways you can partner with Western Christian.


Give a one-time gift

With a one time gift of $100, you help provide things like Safety initiatives, Curriculum enhancements, and classroom technology.

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give a recurring gift

With a recurring gift of even $25 a month, you help provide things like Tuition Assistance, Professional Development, and Retaining Gifted Educators .

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become a sponsor

If Western Christian means something to you, we would love your help ensuring that it remains a blessing for generations to come. Help us keep Christian Education in the lives of your people today by becoming a sponsor!

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We're Excited to Partner With You!

At Western Christian we are commited to providing the best value in every area of our student’s, family's, and faculty's educational journey. Our desire is for the Students at Western Christian to receive the added benefit of many things that public education can't always provide.
Because of your giving, you help keep the gospel in the classroom, the nation, and the world.

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