Emily Prisk Author Highlight

Our very own Emily Prisk (’16) has written her very first novel which has now been published in “hopes that the Lord will use her work to bless the hearts of many around the world.”  Emily actually began writing this novel when she was only 19 years old and she says, “My heart’s desire is to help  bring others closer to Jesus and to spread the light of God’s Word with the world.”  The book is an exciting work of teenage fiction in which four middle school students discover faith in Jesus Christ as they each have to overcome problems with bullies, doubt and school projects while also forging new friendships with each other.  Emily does a wonderful job of weaving the “Good News” of the Gospel in the pages that chronicle the lives of these four young people who grow closer to Jesus and to one another amidst the battles, struggles and joys that come their way.  Emily actually dedicated this book to Western Christian by writing: “To Western Christian High School in Upland, California, a community where the Word of God is honored and spoken of as the highest authority.  A body of believers who are equipped to share the love of God with the world.  It’s a school where its students are given the highest caliber of education; an ever-growing heavenly family that welcomes everyone as worthy masterpieces, created in the image of God.  WCHS is this and so much more.  Without this school changing my life, this book would not exist.  Happy 100th year to my beloved school!”

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