Bruce Sider Visit (’74)

Bruce Sider (’74), son of Dr. Harold K. Sider, made a special visit to our high school campus as he had travelled all the way from Malaga, Spain for a conference in the states.  Bruce is a bit of a hero to me as he was a great basketball player at Western Christian back in the 1970’s who then travelled throughout the world sharing the gospel via the game of basketball both as a player and a coach.  He has lived overseas and served as a missionary for well over half of his life and has helped mobilize the church to reach the unreached.  He has been a faithful servant of the Lord, but what makes him a hero to me beyond all of this is the fact that he and his wife Pam have faced some tremendous trials from illness to the loss of their daughter to stomach cancer when she was just 23 years old.  Many people would have closed up shop and called it quits, but Bruce and Pam have held firm to their faith and trust in the goodness of their God and King who suffered for them on the Cross as the perfect Lamb of God.  Bruce and Pam continue to faithfully serve the Lord overseas along with their other daughter Daniela and son Jordan.  Thank you, Bruce and Pam for your example of faithful lives well-lived unto the Lord!  We are blessed and encouraged by your lives of faith and perseverance.

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